outdoor games

Childhood is a magical time that should pass under the sign of endless, carefree play. Scouts, revelers, playful activities in the fresh air are the best form of physical activity for children. When we add supportive development to it, properly selected toys get the perfect set.

Outdoor games are a source of many health benefits. Unfortunately, nowadays more and more often spending free time in the yard, playground or on a walk is replaced by playing computer games and watching TV. Meanwhile, parental initiative, combined with the proposal of interesting games, https://www.parks-supplies.com/inclusive-playground/  can effectively encourage children to spend time actively.

Why is being outdoors important?

Air is one of the natural factors that have a very positive impact on the child’s development. As parents and guardians, we should create as many opportunities to be outdoors as possible, regardless of the time of year. The use of fresh air and sun is a basic condition of respiratory and circulatory system hygiene, which simultaneously affects the development of the nervous and motor system.

Children deprived of the possibility of communing with nature cannot develop properly landscape turf. Only heavy rain, gusty wind, and frost below -10 ┬░ C prevent children from being outside.

outdoor games

The benefits of outdoor play

Movement games have a positive effect on the child’s overall development. Oxygenation, sun, light, and movement improve the overall functioning of our children. Daily walks are great learning how to cope with changing temperatures, which undoubtedly has an effect on strengthening the body’s immunity and preventing colds. In addition, frequent outdoor activities, especially on sunny days, stimulate the production of vitamin D in the body, which in turn has a positive effect on the bones and teeth of our children. Australian researchers prove that just being outdoors reduces the risk of myopia in children. Today, most of us suffer from vitamin D deficiency. I probably don’t have to mention to you that being in the open air exacerbates your appetite; this is one of the best ways to eat a little eater.

Another important aspect of physical activity is its effectiveness in the fight against obesity, diabetes, and many other diseases. Active spending time outdoors allows you to oxygenate and cleanse the body of toxins, burn excess fat. In addition to health benefits, outdoor games have a beneficial effect on psychophysical development. Thanks to a large number of stimuli and sensations, even a simple walk can become a useful attraction for a child and an opportunity to explore the world. As a result, the child acquires knowledge, experience, and skills. In a toddler who actively spends time outdoors, the cognitive sense sharpens, movement coordination and condition improve, imagination develops, and during team play, children learn healthy competition. I cannot fail to mention the significant impact of physical activity on reducing stress levels and energy discharge. Sport and every type of movement promote the release of endorphins, i.e., the hormone of happiness. British scientists have found that people who often stay in the countryside lower cortical levels; in addition, these people have a greater ability to deal with stress. They also found that 5 minutes of outdoor activity is enough to improve the psychophysical well-being of both a child and an adult.

By Kate