Convertible Baby Cot

Looking after a baby is not an easy job to be done. Taking personal care to look for toys, furniture, food, etc., are pretty challenging decisions to make considering the baby’s safety. When the baby grows, it needs to be shifted to a baby cot at a particular stage. The selection of a baby cot is a big decision because the baby will be spending her upcoming two-three years in the same.

A baby cot is a small bed specially designed for infants or young children. It is customized so that the baby can’t fall out of it. It is also known as crib or cradle in American English. Regardless of purchasing a regular baby cot, one should always look for a convertible baby cot instead. There are several factors one needs to consider while purchasing the one.

Safety bars  

Bars are one of the most prominent features to consider while purchasing a baby cot. Because most of the safety feature relies on the railing of the cot, you must ensure that no end of the cot can be opened or adjusted. Safety bars assure that the baby will not fall out and mitigate the risk of suffocation, entrapments, and strangling.

convertible baby cot

Convertible cots

Indeed, your baby would surely grow over some time. Cots are designed so that they can be customized according to the caretaker. Their base can be adjusted accordingly, with lower or higher heights with suitability.

To avoid purchasing an extra baby cot in the future as your child grows, you need to stick to the convertible baby cot that can be adjusted accordingly. It can be further used as a toddler.

Cozy mattress

The cots for the babies do not come up with the mattress in them. You need to opt for a comfortable and firm material to avoid suffocation. Your mattress should be of the same size as the cot. It is always better to choose an organic cotton material if possible.

Right material 

When considering a baby cot with safety rails, it is necessary to look for the quality of the material used in the manufacturing process. Most cots come up with plastic or wood having plastic coating around the edges. To better the ecosystem, try considering a baby cot that is built with some natural and allergen-free waxes.

By Kate