There are a wide variety of vintages and labels in buying wine in Singapore. It can be intimidating sometimes when visiting a bottle shop. Spending time trying to figure out which wine fits the occasion. Fortunately, with the advance of e-commerce, buying wines is as simple and easy as a click away. And from the comfort of your desk, it is also great for most online retailers. Provide reviewers and guides so you’ll know what to expect when the bottle of wine arrives. So you’ll save the skip and hassle the queue with various of Singapore’s best places to buy wine online singapore.

Buy Wine Online in Singapore  

  • Crystal Wines
  • With more than two decades of dedication to offering the best quality wines. This fine wine merchant is a reliable and trusted name. Among casual drinkers and private wine enthusiasts. This 1,000 square feet store at Valley Point might be a famous spot for their built-in wine cellar. And lifestyle corner, yet their online shop provides the same attractive portfolio. Of reputable producers from Chile, Argentina, France, and more. You’ll also find specially-curated Bin End Wines and Wines of the month.

  • Ewineasia
  • Their well-balanced portfolio of champagnes and wines. Means that you’ll be spoiled for selection. When it comes to picking the perfect wine for the occasion. Ewineasia also has its Bonded Warehouse. It’s completely equipped with a chilled warehouse.
  • The Straits Wine Company
  • One of Southeast Asia’s leading retailers, importers, and distributors. The Straits Wine Company stocks a wide range of wines from around the world. They focus on artisanal wineries, and their online store makes wine shopping a breeze. Their online store allows you to discover and explore new wines. With information about the grape variety, stories, and wine region. Tasting notes about the winemakers are accessible online.
  • Cellarbration
  • Cellarbration has a huge collection of spirits, beers, and wines. You’ll have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing what to drink after. It’s become a top player in the increasing private liquor consumption sector. It is also your go-to beverage solution for all corporate and celebratory needs.
  • Wine Masons
  • Wine Masons enhance your wine tasting experience to the next level. With its subscription boxes, giving you exclusive and artisanal wines. Sourced from small, quality producers that are usually overlooked. Wine Masons has a premium choice and the recent rotation sees two bottles.
  • Underground Wines
  • Underground wines have taken a lot of pride in their easy, simple, and honest pricing model. Keeping overheads low while being cheap is a contrast to a physical store. Providing them to pass on the savings to you. Underground Wines is available for all your wine needs. From glassware rentals and party planning. And they do corporate tasting sessions, supply weddings, and gift orders too.
  • Pop Up Wine
  • Pop Up Wines have a price matching system. So if you look for a wine cheaper elsewhere in Singapore, you can buy the bottle. Pop Up Wine provides more than 200 award-winning wines of undoubted value.

By Kate