The major concern of the mother after the birth of a baby is that weather the mother is producing enough breast milk to satisfy their baby. Most of the time it is a false alarm as it is outcome of shorter nourishing time and   appetite which is natural by growth.If at only the baby will not gain any weight or worse and losing weight then foods to increase breast milk should be practiced.

Increasing the production of pre breastfeeding:

The food to increase breast milk should be minimum 1800 calories a day and should and must drink six glasses of fluids while in lactation. The number of calories varies with physical activity. Some general guidelines for breast milk production are

  • Good source of calcium: Calcium foods include dairy products, leafy vegetables, certain fish like salmon and sardines
  • Eat fruits and vegetables should and must include fruits in every diet plan as they are packed with vitamins,minerals, fiber which are essential for the milk production
  • Complex carbohydrates like complex carbs should be avoided like brown rice, whole grain pasta,bread, beans
  • Lean meat is better than fatty cuts.Prefer chicken which is skinless and breast is the better part, fat dairy products with low fat, tofu soya products,legumes,nuts, seeds and whole grain. Egg is a good option.


The health care provider after birth of the baby may give vitamin b -12 supplement which found exclusively in animals products hence for vegetarian it is bit difficult.If somebody don’t eat fish then the health care provider may give omega 3 supplements also. Some people don’t eat vitamin D fortified foods such as cow mil and some cereal and limited sun exposure then Vitamin D supplement will be provided by the health care providers.  Normally the baby needs Vitamin to absorbs calcium and prosperous so it can be taken as supplement as it will soften and weaken the bones of the baby. Most of the supplements to be taken on advice of health care provider and the dosage also. All this will help in increase the breast milk.

Herbal Supplement:

Some natural herbs also help in increasing the breast milk like fenugreek, red raspberry some prescription drugs like metoclopramide. The fenugreek   has a nature of increasing hormone prolactin and oxytocin but less evidence isavailable.


One should focus on making healthy ways of life during breast feeding time to make more production of milk more the milk healthier the baby as the mother milk is considered to be the healthiest milk on the planet. The baby needs mother milk so to boost up the production one should follow good and healthy way and take supplements as prescribed by the health care providers.

By Kate