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Fishes are a very famous food around all over the globe and considered as one of the healthiest meals. Fish not only have rich contents of protein but are also rich in other minerals, nutrients, and fibers such as Omega3, VitaminB2, D, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, iodine, potassium, and some others. The Heart Association of America also suggested that a person should eat fish 2 times per week on an average, as it completes your protein and other nutrients demand that is necessary for everyone. But if you are cannot go to the physical market regularly,  you can buy safe and tasty seafood fish online just using a smartphone. Many websites offer you fresh and clean fish and deliver it to your doorstep.

online fish shop singapore

Here are a few websites that are tried and trusted by most people:

  1. Greenwood Fish market: It started its is business 20 years ago as a seafood wholesaler, in the year 2003 it started as an online fish delivery site, they deliver not only deliver fishes in Singapore but also in Canada, America, Holland, New Zealand, South Korea, etc. They not only deliver fish but all the f kinds of seafood such as Crustaceans, Mollusks, Smoked Seafood, frozen seafood, etc.
  2. 9s Seafood: 9s Seafood provides almost all types of seafood. Their seafood is ready to cook, pre-cooked, marinated fish, online in Singapore so that, you are at ease to cook fish for your protein needs and taste. You can order anytime between Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 AM-4:30 PM, and if your order value is above $60 they will not charge you delivery charges.
  3. Tankfully Fresh: Another pacemaker in the online fish market Singapore is Tankfully Fresh, this company delivers Fresh delivers fresh seafood to your doorstep, and is one of the oldest in this business. Their seafood supply comes from the Norwegian ocean.
  4. Fresh Catch Seafood: As its name suggests this online fish store delivers fresh fish and all essential seafood to your doorstep. Fresh beef, pork, and some other frozen seafood are also delivered by Fresh Catch Seafood, you can order seafood from Tuesday to Sunday and also they offer free delivery on orders above $59.
  5. Lian Huat Seafood: If you miss the general fish market you should test this site once, they stand out by hosting a live stream on Facebook to sell their fresh fish and other seafood catches.

Final words

Fish is a very good food option for your protein, and if you love to eat fish and seafood then you should check out these online fish shop singapore. They deliver fresh seafood to your doorstep.

By Kate