Common Terms In Taking Steroids

Terms or jargons are referred to words that don’t belong in the normal category of words. Usually, these words are commonly used in specific fields of practice like medicine, logistics and so on. In almost every industry and expertise there is an existing term or jargon commonly used and bodybuilding isn’t a stranger to that.

These terms can range from simple to complicated and this varies on which route you will take. In bodybuilding, you have 2 directions. These are the all natural way and the one that requires drugs like steroids. If you go for the natural route a good background in anatomy and nutrition is a must but if you involve drugs into the mix, you need a good knowledge with pharmacology. But those jargons are for another day because you will likely encounter those things as you go along. The most common ones are found below.

Cycling: Cycling refers to the duration of the drug given. Cycling varies from one drug to the other and cycling can be short term or long term. The purpose of cycling is all about maximizing the intake of a certain drug or drug cocktails in order to get the desired effects without experiencing any major side effects. Once cycling is done resting period on the drug will start and once the resting period is done another cycling period will start. There is no standard in cycling since the dosage of a drug will vary from one person to the other. But there are common ones that people use that has been passed down from one person to the other.

Common Terms In Taking Steroids That You Should Know

Stacking: Stacking refers to the mixing of drugs and taking them at the same time. Stacking involves multiple drugs that will compliment each other’s effects. Stacking provides a more potent effect or can enhance one’s experience in taking the drug like suppressing the symptoms and so on. Usually stacking are done by advanced bodybuilders and athletes that knows a lot about steroids already like long-time users whose skillset can pass as a medical expert. Knowing what to stack and what not to stack is essential. Today, it’s easy to know what drugs will work with each other thanks to the internet.

Pyramiding: Pyramiding is another popular term. The intake usually lasts 6 to 12 weeks. The concept of pyramiding is taking the drug and gradually increasing its dosage. Once the medication reaches the half week, it then gradually decreases and once its done, its soon followed by another cycle that is drug free and once that’s done the drug cycle will resume and so on. Many believed that this is the most effective one of all since it helps the body adjust to the increased dose and let the hormones rest from the abuse.

Bodybuilding might seem easy but it’s really not because you need to be an expert of nutrition, anatomy, and pharma just to even mention a very few and with that are terms or jargons that are common to these fields. These terms and jargons are as important as the applications themselves because it will make you understand the things that people are talking about, your communication will be proper and it’s easy to read and buy stuff related to it. If you wish to buy steroids online.

By Kate