The way it all works

 in the initial days banking applications word developed upon a old programming languages such as cobol CC plus plus etc but due to the rapid change of technology banking applications are being transformed into cloud applications which are comparatively very fast and the transaction can be done in seconds or milliseconds this cloud based applications will be directly connected to the multiple service of the bank account gateways databases etc and this operations will be carried out in all the servers at the same time which will ensures that there are no false data that being populated in the servers and there will be no loss of data in case of corporate banking software records.

Risks involved in functioning

 recent development in availability of knowledge there is a high chance of you getting into a web page which will be similar to your banking application wherein you will be entering your sensitive banking related data which is prohibited or else not meant to be shared in the Internet so you should be very cautious while your browsing your banking application always check the Copyright symbol at the bottom of the page which will specify if it is a uh authentic note authentic authorised banking application or not. Due to the migration of application to cloud there are some chances that the application may take some time to process the transaction at that time do not press like do not press the back button and never enter the details voice in the portal. sometimes even after entering the password of the net banking it will ask you again so close the browser refresh it then open the same authentic banking applications then proceed to do your login into your net bank Wait okay apart from the banking applications that are used by user there are certain banking applications that are specific to the employees of the bank which will be a having features which are not available to the common user or the customer of the bank they have the service to change your details or else or else deposit the money on your behalf and etcetera Start banks also provide you with loans which needs to be verified and approved So these applications will help the banking employees to verify approve and process the loan applications that they will be getting from the customers. All these data during the loan procedures verifications and approvals will be stored for the future references. In case of loans there is also a provision to paid in instalments which is called by these service will also be available on banking applications where in case of credit card you can instantly change the credit amount that you utilised into a   debited from your main savings account for interval basis.

By Kate