Pin Badges are an excellent way to demonstrate your thoughts and ideas. Today’s youths have used them in several means- to express, revolt, and make themselves known. Many companies have also used these badges for different advertisement purposes. They are simple badges with a pin attached at the back. The pin enables it to be attached to any cloth or tough page, which can be displayed to the public.

These badges have also become a form of a fashion statement for many. These people love to wear them in several ways to enhance their looks. Let us look into different ways in which a pin badge can be incorporated into your outfit.These ways are as follow:-

Wear the pin badge next to your chest pocket

Many people consider wearing these  badges above or on their chest pocket. This style has been concurrent with several generations. Previously the army officials used to wear them. Nowadays many people also wear them. Also, the chest region is one of the safest places which encounters limited disturbances. Therefore, the chances of your pin badge falling off due to some turbulence are less.

Wear it on the collars

If your pin badges are small, you can wear them on your collars. The collars can be considered the highest point of your essential clothing in a moderate climate, and having a pin badge on your collars will attract attention instantaneously. You can have one pin badge or even two on both the collars. Ensure that your pin badge is small and blunt on the sides; a bigger one or one with sharp edges might give you painful cuts on your neck.

Wear it on your hat

A hat is always considered to be an attractive feature of any clothing. People wear different kinds of hats that look attractive to them. Therefore, you can understand how much attraction will surmount if you install a pin badge on your hat. The best part of this kind of style is that you have no restriction on your badge’s size or pointiness. They will not come in contact with your skin. Rather you can also make a dull-looking hat attractive by installing the right pin badge on them. These are not only round-shaped. You can have different shaped¬† badges installed on your hat.

Have pin badges on your bags

Many people consider having these badges displayed on their bags. Bags are an essential component of the outfit of a person. Many people possess matching bags with their clothes. These bags give more surface area for attaching more pins on them. A series of pins on the bags will enhance the look.

Many people attach these types of badges to their outfits. If you also feel that these badges can work the same for you, find the right ones that will go according to your look and attitude, and wear them wherever you go.

By Kate