You have planned a restaurant tonight and you already worried about exploding the addition Smart Points? Do not panic! With some clever tips, you can enjoy your evening while respecting your budget!

Get ahead

A little voice tells you that even if you’ve done a great job mentally, you will not resist the urge to have a cheese crust rather than a vegetable sea bream when the waiter comes to take the order. Because after all you do not go to the restaurant every day and you only live once and you deserve it and that besides the cheese crust is still really cheaper than the sea bream. (No, you’re not alone (we all do this). But still, you can prepare yourself! Most restaurants publish their menu on the Internet. Take the opportunity to take a look at the map in advance! You will be able, in peace (ideally just after your meal of midday story that it is your head that speaks and not your empty stomach)

First served

Make a small spit for decency and do not hesitate to pass in front of everyone when taking the order. So you will not let yourself be influenced by others and you will avoid a possible critical moment of the type “Is there already three blue/fried cords, I put a fourth

Avoid the menus

On paper, the menu entry-dish-dessert has everything to please. In addition to being enticing, they are often economical. Yes except that in the end not only the addition SmartPoints is salty, but you have surely eaten more (see much more) than your hunger! So you have every interest to order à la carte. You can better control what you eat and decide flat after dish if you are still hungry. And chances are you’ll end up saving money anyway. is one of the best website for hotels purpose.

Back to the trash

The trap of the bread basket is a classic. Even if we do not want to eat, a minute of inattention and our hand always ends up catching a slice, and our teeth bite into it. Because we do not veil the face, it is probably easier to quit or not to watch the entire season of Mad Men at once than not to touch the basket of bread at the restaurant. So as not to give in to temptation, drive her away by immediately sending down the vile tempting bread from where he came. Shisha hong kong one of the big Hotel

Keep an eye on the quantities

Whether it’s the starter or the main course, check the size of the dishes and ask for a small portion if necessary. Also, resist the temptation to finish your plate. Of course, you paid for your meal, but if you force yourself to eat everything when you are no longer hungry, you risk paying a second time on the scales. Learning how to manage your hunger is a daily job and, you are allowed, exercise is particularly difficult at the restaurant. That said if you do not want to spoil your food, ask for a doggy bag! More and more restaurants are offering this option. By taking away your remains, you not only prevent them from ending up in the trash, but you make sure you have a meal for the next day so do not be shy.

By Kate