The pandemic affected people around the globe in various ways, and education is among those many. Learning different subjects, especially Physics, became more difficult for students. Traditional tutoring is not available in most places due to the lockdowns and safety measures implemented. Numerous people find online tutoring an easy and effective alternative to face-to-face tutoring these days. Read on to find out why.


There is no need to settle for a local tutor when students can get the right tutor without basing on their location. With traditional tutoring, students usually choose tutors who are the nearest to their place. It makes it convenient for both parties. The mentor does not have to take time to travel, while the student can reach the mentor with ease if there are any clarifications. Thanks to modern technology, the internet makes it easier to book a tutor who can explain the concepts as is due no matter where they are. Most traditional face-to-face tutors are usually either booked or too expensive. Opting for an online tutor lets anyone, even those in rural areas, get a quality education.

Ease of understanding

Online tutors can explain one concept over and over again until the student gets comfortable with it. The lessons, examples, tests, and exercises are available online. It makes it easy to play, pause, and rewind the session as many times as a student needs. Some students want to check previous lessons to understand current ones more. Most students feel embarrassed to ask questions or clarifications when they are in a group or face-to-face. Some feel left out when everyone seems to have understood the lesson while they cannot get a firm grip on it. A lot of students find studying frustrating and tiring. Online tutors usually offer fun interactive sessions. Not only does it make studying easy, but it also makes it a more enjoyable experience for the students.


A common misconception is that A Level Physics tuition is expensive. Most online lessons are almost free of cost, and there are various available online. There are plenty of educational sites and channels accessible to most people, and they offer several lectures on different topics daily. The charges are nominal considering what students get in return, unlimited lessons with examples. There are infographic videos that explain difficult things much better than any regular teacher can in face-to-face classes.

These several reasons, among many, make the popularity of online tutoring on the rise.

By Kate