EdutrustCertification A Beginner's Guide

The edutrust certification scheme (or EduTrust) is a quality control scheme for Private Education Institutions (PEIs) in Singapore. Its goal is to identify private schools that can consistently maintain a high level of quality in the entire provision of education services to make continuous changes that contribute to the best student outcomes.

The Criteria 

This scheme has several requirements. Each criterion has several sub-criteria and elements, with statements describing each item’s requirements.

Management Responsibility

This criterion looks at how the PEI shows commitment to achieving the vision and its plans for the future.

Cooperative Administration

This criterion examines how the PEI accomplishes efficiency and productivity in the management of administrative operations and assets, corporate governance, information management, external partnerships, communication processes, confidentiality, and feedback and complaints.

Agents Of External Recruitment

This criterion looks at how the PEI efficiently picks, manages, and assesses its local and international external recruitment agents. This practice ensures that the agents provide excellent service to potential students and do not indulge in deception or unethical behavior.

Services For Student Safety And Support

This criterion looks at how the Fee Protection Scheme protects students. It also looks at student contracts and refunds, course transfer, withdrawal, and deferment procedures. It also looks at how the PEI wants to improve student well-being through student support services to facilitate a holistic education.

Student Achievements

This criterion looks at how the PEI sets up mechanisms for measuring and tracking student and graduate outcomes, such as academic achievement, progression, and graduate employability (if applicable). It also looks at how the PEI compares student and graduate achievements to those of similar institutions, as well as national and worldwide standards, to improve and make it a success. If applicable, the Graduate Employment Survey (GES) performance of PEI graduates is also assessed.

Quality Assurance

This criterion looks at the quality assurance standards of PIEs for implementing a system of continuous inspection, review, and improvement to make sure that the processes are handled properly.

Renewal Of Edutrust

Those PEIs with a solid reputation ( at least two consecutive periods of 4-year edutrust certification) will have their EduTrust renewal procedure based on Primary Scope expedited as part of CPE’s ongoing efforts to reduce regulatory load and operating expenses. From 1 January 2020 onwards, this will apply to EduTrust renewal applications submitted from eligible PEIs. The Fee Protection Scheme will be available to these PEIs (Group Insurance).

By Kate