Self Defence Class Singapore

Physical self-defence is the use of physical force which is present inside your body to counter, attack or instantly put a hold on the threats. The physical force from the body can be armed or unarmed depending upon how you are reacting to the threat.The likelihood of success in either situation depends on a number of factors, including the seriousness of the danger on the one hand and the defender’s physical and mental readiness on the other. Seeing the increase in the crime rate in Singaporeit is very important for everyone out there to enrol themselves in different types of self defence class singapore.

Various types of Self – Defence

There are various types of self-defence but generally, it is of two types – the first one is armed and the other one is unarmed. The armed section of self-defence comes under the use of various types of arms for the fulfilment of self-defence. The most appropriate choice is determined by the threat being presented, the victim or victims, and the defender’s level of expertise. Legal limits also differ widely and impact which self-defence choices are available to choose from.

Self Defence Class Singapore

The unarmed section is different from the armed section. A wide range of martial arts is performed to teach students about the unarmed techniques of self-defence. Generally, when you are walking down a street you generally have no weapons with you, so in such cases, a proper guide with practicals of unarmed self-defence techniques is very necessary. While various combat sports can be successfully used for self-defence, certain forms train primarily for self-defence. While some martial arts teach how to attack, others teach how to break away from a punch or flee from a knife or gun situation.

The need of Self – Defence

In order to safeguard girls’ safety and security in light of the nation’s escalating rate of crimes against them, it is crucial to offer self-defence instruction in schools. Self-defence instruction is a life skill that empowers girls by enhancing their awareness of their surroundings and preparing them for any eventuality. The self-defence instruction helps the girls develop the psychological, intellectual, and physical fortitude needed to defend themselves in difficult situations. Instilling self-confidence in females through self-defence training tactics helps to boost girls’ education, especially their transfer to secondary and upper secondary levels, and to lower the school dropout rate.

By Kate