The very purpose of building machines was to reduce human effort. Humans, along with machines, can work very efficiently and effectively. In order to work with machines, a person needs to have a necessary skill set. Some jobs require a substantial knowledge of machinery like aircraft technician, fire-fighter, auto mechanics, military careers, etc. A particular test called the Mechanical aptitude test is needed to judge the candidate on whether he has the necessary skills to be fit for the job being offered by the company. Hence, as an employer, investing in Mechanical Aptitude Tests is a crucial part of a company’s path to success. Various sample papers are available online, and the questions can be set accordingly. The results of these tests make the hunting for the ideal candidate a lot simpler than it usually is.

The Mechanical Aptitude test usually measures the following:

  1. A candidate’s ability to make use of the principles and concepts and to make inferences and deductions.
  2. A candidate’s ability to understand the mechanical concepts and principles.
  3. The candidate’s general knowledge on the subject, and his eagerness to compete with the thousands around him.

The questions will generally be related to mechanical based concepts. Some of the thoughts where the company needs to look for in a candidate might include acceleration, gravity, circuit diagrams, pressures, frictions, magnetism, work and power, screws, pulleys, springs, gears, moments, kinetic and potential energy, magnetism, charge, etc.

Most of the mechanical aptitude exams comprise of multiple choice questions; they are commonly known as MCQs. Only one correct option would be present in the list of four. The time limit may vary depending on the company and also on the type of job being offered. An ideal candidate should be able to solve each question in around twenty to thirty seconds at least.

The vast majority of mechanical aptitude tests are now held online, that is, they are computer-based examinations. Unlike most other cases of aptitude testis, however, mechanical aptitude tests are sometimes still held offline, a pen and paper test to be more particular. Overall, attending the test should be an exciting venture for all the candidates.

The company setting the questions for the test should first convey all the details to the candidate appearing to take the test. The job role being offered, the total time to complete the test, etc. must be conveyed to the applicant during the time of registration for the test. A few sample question papers related to the test could be sent to the applicant a few weeks prior to the given date of the examination. The candidate too can prepare and study well to boost their chances of success in acing the test. Previous year papers could be practiced, and the applicants will have a fair idea about how their actual test is going to be. Indeed, practice plays a vital role in scoring high in this analysis. The practice hence highlights the gaps in a candidate’s knowledge and plugs them together to make it the perfect solution.

By Kate