The world is fast moving away from the use of plastic materials. It is like the entire world has declared war on plastic. Most people now make use of alternative products that can successfully replace plastic. Plastic does not disintegrate quickly and this can lead to environmental pollution. Since plastic is not biodegradable, then the most logical solution to curtaining the environmental pollution caused by plastic is to use alternative products. In times past, many people make use of straws made of plastic, but that trend is changing very fast these days as many people opt for straws made of biodegradable materials. This category of straws are referred to as eco straws and the earlier you too start using them the better; it will turn out to be your own little contribution to a better and healthier environment.

In the remaining part of this write-up, we will show you some of the various types of biodegradable straws and you can pick any of them next time you need to use a straw.

Wheat straw

One of the most interesting types of biodegradable straws is the wheat straw. It is made with materials that are 100% natural. As a result, it will not constitute nuisance in the environment.  The material used in making this type of eco straws is counted as agricultural waste. Therefore, using the material to make straw is a means of converting waste to useful items without adding any non-natural ingredient. Using the waste to make straw is also a way of saving natural resources towards benefiting mother earth. Bear in mind, however, that wheat straws can only be used once after which you will need to discard of them.

Bamboo straw

As its name indicates, it is a special kind of straw made from bamboo stems. It is a perfect replacement for plastic and it is also biodegradable. What is more, the material has antibacterial properties and it will not bend like plastic straw.  After using it, you will not have problem composting it and this is ensures no waste liters the environment. You need to discard of it after using since it can absorb flavor and also become dirty over time.

Harvest straw

This is yet another type of biodegradable straws and it is a perfect replacement for plastic straw. It is made using grain stalks and it is highly durable.  You can use it comfortably and can easily compost it after using it.  It will also not bed like plastic straw.

Hay straw

One other type of natural straw worthy of note is the hay straw.  It was used in ancient time and you will always find it to be a perfect replacement for plastic straws. The straw is also 100% biodegradable.  It will never leave any trail whatsoever after using it.

By Kate