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The spread of the coronavirus has led us all to the understanding and the importance of disinfection services singapore that becomes the part of the regular cleaning routine of the office or business.

What do you think to know in preparation for disinfection in the office?

  • That the disinfection work is carried out under the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.
  • Use of an active substance, a disinfectant that is non-toxic and not dangerous to humans.
  • An example of a material used is Simxin X does not harm the surface itself or the structure.
  • It is recommended to wait an hour from the end of the disinfection process until entering the building again to allow the disinfectant to dry well.
  • That the team you hired has experience in the field of disinfection services singapore, skilled and company

Non-disinfectant offices are fertile ground for the accumulation of viruses that cause infection

An office is a place where many employees stay, together in the same place for at least half a day, if one of the office employees or the visitors to it brought a virus or virus from outside it starts to become “infected” and requires disinfection.

Any touch on a surface can leave it infected and hence the way is paved to make the entire office contaminated with viruses.

Are office cleaning and office disinfection the same action?

Unequivocally no! Cleaning and disinfection operations are different even though there are overlapping points.

Disinfection operations with different types of materials that aim to destroy bacteria as opposed to some of the cleaning products that focus on removing and dissolving fats. It is important to know that detergents can be very dangerous if not used properly.

The cleaning or disinfection carried out in your office must be performed by the instructions for use of the disinfection product. To maintain the safety of the disinfectants and the employee of the place, the specific instructions for each product must be followed.

What is important to disinfect in restaurants especially in light of the corona?

If on normal days restaurant owners are required by law in pest control and cleaning procedures, at the time it is highly advisable to introduce a higher level of cleanliness, a level of disinfection that will ensure the safety and health of the restaurant guests.

It is very important to disinfect surfaces, tables and chairs, the bar, and any element that the guests of the place come in contact with. Tablets and menus that pass between the hands of the various diners must be especially disinfected.

Inside the kitchen itself, there is a need for thorough disinfection including cleaning of all utensils and equipment that food comes in contact with

By Kate