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Everyone has their own time in this life that they are supposed to live. After their time ends for them it is not possible to survive. Death is something that can not be predicted or stopped. If it is in one’s fate one can not change it. It is impossible to deal with when such a situation takes place. It is tough for the closest members as they get affected the most. As birthdays are celebrated hence death should also be a celebration for giving the person rest. It is essential to give the soul of the dead human peace for it to live. There are several places that one can check out before burial. One should know about the sea burial service singapore.

About Sea Burial

sea burial service singapore

Sea burial is a practice that is followed commonly. Everyone should be aware of it as it helps the deceased to get up close to the sea. Sea burial means to dispose of and scatter the remains of the deceased person in the sea. It is an easy process and does not take time. It is a process that is economical. It is not costly at all. It is a process with fewer issues. It is not harming the environment in any way. The material used is biodegradable and would not cause any harm to the sea. It is a process that helps to save land space. The sea burial has its benefits to offer which are:

  • It is a form of burial that does not restrict the family of the deceased person to stop from performing any other burial. It allows the family to be open to other traditions as well.
  • It is the preferred type of burial as it is on the cheaper side of the pocket. It is easy as there is no casket or coffin to be brought for the deceased person’s body to be kept. As coffin and casket alone are the biggest things on which money is spent.
  • It is easy to give a sea burial than to perform any other burial.

It is a burial that is unique and not everyone is aware of the process. It is a practice that is recently adopted. Everyone has their own beliefs and opinions and they should be free to choose their option. It is a process that occurs after the cremation process and the ashes are allowed to drop in the sea.

By Kate