Even though you aren’t straightforwardly employed by a particular company you would still possess the rights same as an employee. The responsibility to employ an individual lies at the hands of the agency or the company of the client where you would be deployed. This is the work of temp agency Singapore.

What are the rights of the agency worker?

The work of temp agencies includes finding individuals having a valid source of earning. Usually, upfront costs aren’t included. They demand around 15% to 30% in the form of commission. But it’s something to be burdened about since this commission is paid by the employers. For instance, if you were given word for earning $20 per hour you would receive that without any fail but temp agency Singapore might take 30% of the commission earned by you.

Some of the rights are as follows:-

  • Free holiday trips
  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
  • Usage of the different workplace facilities for the staff
  • Parental leave
  • No kind of discrimination on age, disability, race as well as sexuality

Both temp as well employment agencies render help to companies who require human resource solutions. Staffing agencies or temp agencies typically generate employment themselves along with assigning them to temporary jobs. After joining them you would be considered as part of the payroll agency of the temp and you might constitute varying assignments for some time.

How different are temp agencies from employment agencies?

Employment agencies are considered to be employment wingmen whose payment is done either by the seekers of jobs or recruiters. They also guide you in finding a proper job placement through learning about personality as well as skills. Few employment agencies also provide different services such as:-

  • Skills training
  • Interview
  • Career coaching
  • Filing of the employment paperwork

What are some of the features of it?

Some of the features of it are as follows:-

#1. Industry 

Through shifting to another type of industry then you are required to find a temp agency since it is quite focused and they have connections with your preferred industry. Most of the temp agencies work in the IT industries, construction, administration as well as health care.

#2. Connections 

The temp agency is widespread. The higher the connections there are, the higher the probability of getting hired rapidly.

#3. Job opportunities

There are different kinds of job opportunities and you get to choose according to your preference

These are some of the characteristics of temp agency Singapore.

By Kate