dark kitchen ideas

One of the reasons why more and more restaurants are appearing nowadays is the demand of the customers. Everyone loves to eat and is interested to taste some other cuisine. Yet, there is not enough time and money to travel to other countries just to taste their best food.

Due to this high demand, there are growing numbers of chefs nowadays that want to share their recipes with the public, yet have no funds to start a business. The main secret of some chefs standardizing their restaurant business without spending thousands of dollars is the commissary kitchen.

Pick the right commissary

A commissary kitchen is a registered and licensed commercial kitchen by the local health department. It is a food service provider that safely and legally prepares, cooks, and stores equipment and food. For food trucks, the commissary kitchens have the following:

  • Designated parking spot
  • Cleaning and sanitation areas
  • hookups for electricity
  • disposal facilities of greywater
  • water and propane refills
  • grease
  • recycling facilities
  • solid waste and more

dark kitchen ideas

Some commissary kitchens are offering additional resources and equipment, such as:

  • Cold storage space
  • Cooking space to prepare food
  • Area for truck maintenance
  • Ice refills
  • Mailing address for inventory

Generally, this type of kitchen is centered around food preparation and maintenance. It is also often thought of as a home base for several food operators, including:

  • Chefs
  • Caterers
  • Carts
  • Food trucks
  • Artisans
  • Product manufacturers
  • Restaurateurs

Key factors in choosing a good kitchen

Most commissaries need to go beyond electricity and parking if it attracts mobile kitchen businesses. It is why many are now offering complete services helping food trucks leverage and grow new opportunities in the post-pandemic foodservice market. It is excellent news from the food truck operator’s perspective.

The more commissary kitchens are complete with food trucks, yet have the better service provided and are more valuable. Here are additional benefits and dark kitchen ideas you must look for in a prospective commissary kitchen partner:

  • A dark kitchen has a food-safe facility to store supplies and foods. It makes sure that the kitchen business is meeting all the health code requirements and keep the diner safe. Anyone who rents this kind of kitchen business avoids responsibilities of ownership. You can pass the responsibilities of:
  • Fixing broken equipment
  • Security
  • Contractors
  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • Pest control
  • Licensure maintenance
  • Specialized cleaning
  • Building codes and more
  • Supply availability. Commissaries are offering a range of commonly used ingredients and supplies. It typically includes cleaning products, water, ices, and propane.

If you are into this kind of business, your profitable future is now transparent.

By Kate