The chrome plating is the process of electroplating a thin layer of chrome on to the metal. This process is repeated on all the types of chromes and the metals in order to decorate them and in order to provide them with the protective covering; the chrome plating process had been undergone. With the help of the chromium layer, one can serve it as a protective layer and the particular chrome is used for chroming process due to some valid reasons. Some of the reason may include the reason that the chrome might reduce the corrosion and the surfaces of the chrome plated metals are easy to clean and it might also increase the hardness of the metal.

The other procedure is the electrocoating which might require the electric current in order to move the ions on to the solution form to the electrode that is ought to be coated. The electric field is the reason to move the cations from one place to another which might be useful for brining on the metal coating on to the metal. The process is also said to be known as the electroplating or the electro deposition. During the electroplating process of a single metal, a few allows can be used. Among such metal plating, the brass plating process is used to coat a single metal.

The process of the electroplating might include the following steps which are basic for the process.

The first stage might involve focusing attention on the surface of the metal that is ought to be plated. In this stage, different types of chemicals are used in order to degrees the metal. The word “degrease” is the process of removing the impurities from the metal. It removes the heavy soiling that could readily interfere on the electroplating process.

The second stage involves the process of manual cleaning. The manual cleaning might help in cleaning the metal manually in order to keep it clean for the further processes.

The third step is to smooth the surface of the metal using some of the treatments that are meant for smoothing the surface of the metal. The process is said to be as long lasting and durable. The treatments to be given on the process might depend on the type of the substance used on for the process.

The fourth step comprises the placement of a piece of metal on the metallic element which might be given after the lot of treatments provided there. The metal is to be placed on the chrome plating vat and then it is tend to be heated under the right temperature.

After heating it to the particular temperature, just move on to the final stage where the vat is to be filled on with the chromium metals or the brass metals on the process of brass plating. After preparing such processes, the current had to be passed on to the metal plating and the number of times the metal gets heated; it determines the thickness of the metal.


By Kate