Poverty, hunger, and illness are commonplace across the globe. It is important to fight against all such problems and build a better nation.Being part of a charity program to help less fortunate people is vital in contributing to the betterment of society. SickKids is a children’s health organization established in Canada in 1875. The ultimate objective of the organization is to eradicate illness in youth all across different countries. Bashir Dawood, along with MariyamDawood, deeply understood how essential it was to control all such issues to build a better nation.He is also widely known as the founder of dawlance premium home appliance company. The company aimed to transform houses into a home throughout Pakistan in 1980.

How did they contribute to the organization?

The SickKids organization worked for several years to provide a world for the youth where all the children were healthy with no health issues. They focus on making them fit physically as well as mentally.

They fulfill all their objectives by conducting proper research and by providing the best medical facilities with higher capabilities.

Bashir Dawood and MariyamDawood have greatly contributed to the organization by helping them in different ways. They are known to provide the organization with several funds and donations through which SickKids can achieve and meet their goals.

What is the mission of the Dawood family?

Both of them strongly believed that access to the best clinical care for mental and physical illness contributes significantly to ensuring a good quality of life.

Funding in the medical field makes a difference, which will help an endless number of people efficiently treat their diseases.

How did the Dawood family help the organization overcome the limitations?

The organization faced many challenges along the way and lacked many treatment facilities. However, the Dawood family helped to overcome all the limitations and positively contributed to the organization.

With the help of the Dawood family as well as some other donors, the organization achieved all its goals and overcomes all the limitations that were coming in its way.

The Dawood family supported all the patients by increasing the funds by which they were able to get access to the things which were in need.


Consider all the above facts to learn about the works of Bashir Dawood and how the Dawood family contributed in a positive way towards the betterment of society.

By Kate