Today, almost all of the industries give you promises. But with Blackhawk Supply, you are surely gonna experience a difference. This company started in 2015 and became a supporting organization for the dealer of Solidyne Controls LLC. They have held small businesses in private, which can be located in the Midwest.

Now, Blackhawk Supply is a team of professionals who have more than three decades of experience in the HVAC or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Controls Industry. They can provide their customers with any HVAC replacement parts and service those products with “CARE”. This means that they are consistent, accurate, responsive, and exceptional.

HVAC replacement parts

The Blackhawk Manufacturers.

Blackhawk is proud of their manufacturers of the HVAC replacement parts that they sell online. These are top of the line suppliers so you are sure that the products that you are getting are legit and of high quality.

  • ACI (Automation Components, Inc.). They create, manufacture and distribute building automation sensors that are used for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) Industry. They began in 1991 as a small company but have grown over the years. They are now the industry leader in quality automation sensors.
  • AIRTEK. This trusted HVAC replacement parts manufacturer of Blackhawk was established in 2013. They have developed a team with the best experiences in air conditioning design, installation, and problem-solving that they have gained while working with major players in the air conditioning industry. Their experienced specialist engineers and design experts view every project from an engineering perspective.
  • VICONICS. Viconics Technologies Inc was founded 30 years ago in Montreal, Canada. From the time that they started, Viconics became the leader in embedded microcontroller-based technology and later developed factory programmed, field-configurable stand-alone PI wall mounted temperature controllers. The products are designed for easy installation and commissioning with optimized energy saving capacities for improved comfort.
  • MAMAC SYSTEMS. MAMAC Systems is one of the leading global manufacturers of sensors, transducers, control peripherals and web browser based IP appliances. The MAMAC products are commonly used for HVAC as well as environmental controls, for remote monitoring alarms, energy metering, and also industrial automation.
  • MEASURLOGIC. This is a manufacturer and distributor of energy products. This is a company based in Centennial, Colorado where their electrical submeters comply with the “Buy American Requirement” of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. The staff makes sure that all of their products are of high quality since they personally manage the production process like hardware and firmware design, the inventory procurement, calibration, burn-in, and the final assembly and quality control.

Why Choose Blackhawk Supply

Blackhawk Supply is today’s one of the best HVAC replacement parts suppliers. The reason why most customers choose them over a hundred different choices is because here, they have a huge selection of replacement parts that you can choose from. The products are the best manufacturers so you are sure that anything that you need is of the highest quality.

The shipping process is very fast and it’s for free if your orders are above $999. Plus, they have the best competitive price. So what are you waiting for? Choose Blackhawk Supply for your HVAC replacement needs.

By Kate