Bitcoin or BTC is the popular digital currency, which is gaining huge popularity over past some years. With the decentralized nature as well as innovative technology, BTC has become the most revolutionary concept in the finance world. The highly convenient method to buy or sell BTC is through the Bitcoin ATM at

The Bitcoin ATM is one kind of machine that enables the users to buy and sell BTC by using cash and credit card. The technology has actually made it simple for the people to be involved in the cryptocurrency world.

Know the Difference

Bitcoin ATMs are quite similar to the traditional ATMs, however they are made to handle the Bitcoin transactions. The machines are well-connected to internet as well as allow the users to buy BTC using the mobile wallet and by scanning the QR code. They allow the users to sell their Bitcoin and get cash in return. The bitcoin ATMs are accessible in a lot of locations across the world, which includes gas stations, convenience stores, and even shopping centers.

Lamassu Plans Added Cost for Bitcoin ATM Operators

The biggest benefit of using the Bitcoin ATM is convenience that it provides. Unlike the traditional exchanges that need users to register and go through the verification procedure, the Bitcoin ATMs enable the users to buy or sell Bitcoin easily and quickly. Most of the machines also provide 24/7 access that means that users will buy and sell BTC any time of a day and night.

Are bitcoin automated teller machines safe?

Bitcoin ATM or automated teller machines are inherently safe, since they process their transactions by using the blockchain technology. These funds can be transferred easily to your digital wallet chosen, and they’re verified and recorded on a blockchain technology that is the public ledger, which is cryptographically secured and immutable.

To protect the users from any kind of fraud, most of the crypto ATMs following KYC practices for the identity verification, needing scanning of photo ID as well as inputting the tax identification number. This being said, bitcoin ATMs will be quite vulnerable to the phishing scams as well as other attacks, hence it is very important that you protect the cryptocurrency by not sharing any private keys to the digital wallet.

Bitcoin ATMs are the most innovative way that investors can buy or sell Bitcoin. They provide the level of anonymity and convenience that cannot be found with the traditional exchanges.

By Kate