How To Successfully Grow Your Business In The Age Of The Customer

If you are really looking to succeed as an entrepreneur, you have to learn how to maximize each and every single interaction you have with your customers.

The most expensive thing you will ever do in business is convince a complete and total stranger to trust you with their hard earned money, and once you get that trust everything becomes a lot easier. For one reason or another, however, the overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs out there spend a lot of time – and a lot of capital – going after “free agents” rather than marketing aggressively to their existing customer base and essentially shooting fish in a barrel.

In an effort to better help you create the kind of lasting customer relationships that turn you from a total stranger to a trusted friend and advisor, and a business they can rely on and depend on moving forward, we’ve put together the tips and tricks below.

Take advantage of everything social media has to offer

Far too many business owners use social media as nothing more than a mouthpiece for their marketing and advertising, rather than using it as a relationship building tool that connects them with their customers.

Shout out your best customers from time to time, engage with customers that are talking about you on social media, and really have back and forth conversations with as many of your customers as you are able to. This creates a lasting impact that solidifies your brand as something that can be trusted.

How To Successfully Grow Your Business In The Age Of The Customer

Protect your customers data at all costs

We hear about major data breaches almost every single day now, and customers are turning away from businesses that are flippant with their personal, private, and secure payment details.

Take advantage of full SSL certificate protection, use encryption protocols, and protect the data of your customers by never selling it to third parties and you’ll have a lot fewer headaches and hassles to deal with and will enjoy improve trust with your customers, too.

Offer lightning fast customer support

Social media can be a powerhouse tool for customer service and support, and you’ll want to make sure that your customer service team is as responsive as possible and that you empower them to fix things that can be fixed or “move things up the chain of command” to someone that can resolve the problem ASAP. Customer service is a major competitive advantage when it is done right.

Keep in regular contact with your customers

Not every contact you have with your customers should be a sales pitch. Reach out to your customers from time to time just to say hello, to update them about what you have going on with your business, and to build a real relationship with them. This kind of effort builds up real capital with your customers from a trustworthiness standpoint, and can translate to significantly improved profits later down the line.

Celebrate the customers you have already won

Create customer rewards programs, give freebies to your best customers, make a “Customer of the Month” award, and generally find any way you can to celebrate those that have helped you build your business. Without your customers you wouldn’t be able to pursue the financial dreams most people never get to realize, and the more you can do to celebrate your customers the more they will reward you in turn.

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