singapore house cleaning

Clean and healthy home can keep diseases away from your family. It also helps in retaining the value of your residential property. But everyone may not be able to devote necessary time on a daily basis for cleaning activities. So, these days, most of the families prefer to outsource the house cleaning tasks. Here are four aspects that you should consider before signing the contract.

Is the company trustworthy?

This may sound weird, but some cleaning service providers use illegal immigrants as their staff. Would you prefer allowing such individuals to have access to your house? Thus, choosing a service provider who is well known for integrity/reputation is extremely important. You can completely rely on service providers who have earned a good reputation among their existing clients.

Green cleaning

There are several companies that offer to use eco-friendly green cleaning options for clients who are allergic to certain chemicals used in cleaning.

If you or your family members are allergic to cleaning detergents, make sure that you inform the company about the same so that they would send alternative cleaning solutions.

singapore house cleaning

Opt for a company that is present in multiple cities

Running singapore house cleaning firm is not a child’s play; this business requires a lot of resources. Managing various assignments at competitive rates is a huge task for management. Someone lesser experienced can end up sending unskilled staff. Thus, it’s advisable to select a service provider who is present in multiple cities. Such companies have access to skilled workforce and necessary equipment to even clean large commercial spaces. They also provide service at affordable rates. Take Duty Cleaners as an example.

Service level

It may happen that the cleaners sent by your service provider may not offer the quality of work that you were looking for. Later, you might feel unsatisfied about the cleaning job performed at your property. Thus, in order to make sure that work is done to your satisfaction, be clear about the task that you expect the individual coming at your place to perform. If there is something in your kitchen or bathroom corner that needs attention, mention the details about the kind of dirt or material that you expect to be cleaned. The company would send appropriate type of cleaning materials and equipment with the cleaners accordingly.

People often complain about how their cleaning staff starts taking shortcuts by not cleaning certain corners in the house after a few days. The best way is to create a checklist and going in each and every part of the house to check if the cleaner has performed his duty rightly or not. You should tick mark on the list after checking the condition of the room so that you can ensure if the necessary work has been done on a daily basis or not. Usually, even the cleaner carries such checklist with him/her. If you do not wish to create a different list, just ask the person to share its copy with you for the records.

By Kate