General Motors Corporation, formerly known as GMC Truck, is widely known throughout the world. In 2007, this company became the second bestseller of the GM car division, which approached Chevrolet. Max Grabowski originally called the GMC Rapid Motor Vehicle Company when she founded the company in 1901. That was when some of the first commercial trucks were developed. In 1909, the company was delivered to General Motors, which later became the basis of General Motors Truck.


Since then, GMC has been producing trucks that are used throughout the world. Despite the fact that their small and personal cars are very popular, the truck drivers of this company are highly valued by truck drivers from around the world. In 2002, GMC released a book that describes in detail the company’s history, its ups and downs, as well as the acquisition process of the General Motors truck division.

GMC Trucks

The main distribution of commercial vehicles is vans, light and medium trucks, although fire trucks, ambulances, heavy trucks and buses were made in the past under the name GMC Truck. Although the GMC and Chevrolet trucks are almost identical, they have some distinctive features that have been preserved over the years. Adjustment, engine options and, in general, price are some of the differences that are very obvious between them. As production of the four-headlamp construction stopped, the two brands of trucks became even more similar, which led to confusion for many drivers. 

Of course, serious truckers will immediately feel the difference

While Chevrolet trucks today have a special appearance, GMC trucks will always have the same quality that has served for more than 100 years. Drivers who choose this brand of trucks are usually not addicted to other models. General Motors produces advanced trucks in which all possibilities range from standard electrical outlets and cruise control in the cabin to heated mirrors and lighting, running lights and air partitions on the roof. Drivers are proud to drive. From small personal sedans and SUVs to heavy trucks, these trucks have a long history and have become one of the top truck brands selected by truckers around the world. Not surprisingly, the GMC name has become synonymous with commercial driving.

By Kate