If you live in Southern California and are trying to buy a used car, then you may have heard of ‘R&B’ auto center. They are a household name when it comes to buying and selling used cars in the Inland Empire. Established in 1985, ‘R&B’ have excelled in their trade as a center to buy and sell pre-owned cars in Fontana for over 32 years. From Coupes to SUVs to Trailers, they have just about any vehicle. They also function as a service and repair center for all cars. Whatever service you need, they will ensure you get it, leaving you a satisfied customer. ‘R&B’ also have a functional website with an inventory of numerous cars. Each car portal has listed detailed specifications and various servicing done on it. This makes it a very convenient way to choose the car you want, even at home.

You can get a great deal on just about any vehicle there. They have makes such as Audi, Porsche, Toyota, Land Rover, GMC, Yamaha, and many more. With such a huge inventory of cars, chances are high that you will find the machine of your desire, whether it is a 4X4, Sedan, Motorcycle or hatchback, these experts have got it all. ‘R&B’ is dedicated to ensuring that buying a used car Inland Empire will be a very hassle-free experience. Regardless of your budget situation, ‘R&B’ auto center can help put you on any financing plan. Moreover, they also provide 1-year free maintenance for every car purchased. The deals don’t get sweeter anywhere else.

Catering to the automobile needs of the people is R&B’s number one priority. That is why you can see a lot of happy customers who have bought their car from the best used-car dealership in the Inland Empire. A lot of hard work goes into delivering quality service to their customers. All the vehicles at R&B receive timely service and repair prior to their sale. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to find faults in any of the cars. Also, if you want to discard your old car to make way for your new one, they are open for car trading schemes that will pay you in cash for the old vehicle or cut you a discount for your new one.

They make sure to employ only skilled technicians who are experienced with all sorts of cars. Doing this garners a lot of trust in the work done at R&B. Apart from the core aspects of a car such as engines and electrical systems, the various issues tackled at the service department include painting and denting repairs, replacement/ repair for windshields and headlights, and even installation of additional security systems. Doing business at R&B will always prove to be a fruitful experience.

By Kate