San Jose BMW, a dealer in motorbikes and bike parts in San Jose California, has been the subject of negative reviews of late mostly due to poor customer service, customer harassment, and unreliable services. This is issues raised in many big companies and which indeed require not just fast but lasting measures to be implemented before customers decide to jump ship. The only good thing with San Jose BMW seems to be its products and nothing else, but there is always more to attracting customers other than quality products. Human beings are social creatures and they definitely tend to gravitate towards healthy and not hostile or uncomfortable social situations. The mere approach you make towards your customer will be crucial in the decision to buy from you or not. According to the reviews of San Jose BMW, the dealer has not been very positive towards their customers.

According to one of their customers, he had ordered a motorcycle part and even went all the way to correspond with the dealer back and forth about the same. He even confirmed with the dealer a week later if the part he wanted had arrived and was confirmed that indeed the part will be delivered the next day midmorning. When the customer – who lamented the whole thing considering he had to drive a hundred miles for the non-existent part – arrived at the dealer in the afternoon of the discussed day, he was told and not in the best of ways, that his part was never ordered in the first place. It’s no wonder reviews of San Jose BMW have not been positive either. I mean, how gross can any of it be? How unprofessional can any of it be? How do you ask for a product from a dealer, confirm with them that the said product was in the delivery process only to be told point blank in the end that you never actually asked for a product at all. The next thing you would do probably question your own state of mind. I mean, I would be checking myself into a mental institution for God’s sake.

So yes, it’s neither helpful nor encouraging when you receive poor negative feedback from your customers, but it won’t put you out of business just like that. I guess it all depends on your response to such reviews. When a customer gives a negative review, they just want you as an enterprise they are interested in, to work on the raised issues and make things better “Noting negative surveys fabricates [Consumer] trust in your business and your image,” says Xcite. Advertising CEO Phil Penton. Phil Penton adds wisely, that when you answer concerns those of an upset customer, the latter entailed an enormous number of customers interested in understanding. It’s not that they don’t know mistakes happen, they want to see that you can respond appropriately to their needs as customers diligently and professionally.

By Kate