mercedes service in montclair

All cars have to be serviced regularly in order to maintain the car for a long period of time without any major issues. In the case of Mercedes now there are certified technicians available at the quality service centres that will ensure that the car is serviced properly. This will also be done at the best rates possible in the industry.

What about the service?

When one goes for a mercedes service in montclair there seems that a set of procedures which are followed which ensures that all the issues in the car is sorted out. One is that the synthetic motor oil will be replaced. Along with this there is also the oil filter replacement which will ensure that the car runs smoothly. The fluid levels in the car will be checked and all the altered levels will be corrected properly. The changes will be made according to the factory mentioned recommended levels. This will also be based on the service interval as well as the vehicle’s year and also the model of the car. In the case of the tires, the inflation level will be checked. In case the inflation level is not as per the recommended level then it will be sorted out properly. One important aspect of the car is the brake. To ensure the brake functions properly there will be an inspection which takes care of the brake aspects. There is also the reset maintenance counter which will ensure the service is fulfilled properly.


Additional services available

Along with the mentioned services there are a number of free services available too. In this case there is the multipoint visual inspection. There is also the inspection which involves the interior and exterior lamps are checked properly. Along with this there is also a road test performed which comes with the complete hand car wash and vacuum. While this is only part of the service there happens to be a totally different set of service which covers various other parameters. In this case, the usual inspections and checks are made. There is also the replacement option for the cabin dust area and the option of the combination filter replacement.

In this case also all the mentioned free services are available to the customer. There is also the option of the automatic transmission service. In this the mentioned free services come along with the main service. There is the additional feature of the checking with the engine air filters. In this case the air filters are first checked. If there are any issues with it then it is identified. After this, the issues are sorted out and replacements are made if necessary.

By Kate