Cars have become one of the necessities of life! Buying a new car is everybody’s dream but it can just wipe out one’s entire savings so it’s better to go for a used car from the best dealer. This when Riverside Direct Auto comes into the picture. Riverside Direct auto is located at Riverside, California. It sells used cars riverside. It lists hand selected used cars which are in good conditions and are from trusted sellers. Riverside Direct Auto aims at making the hassle-free buying experience for the buyers. It has been in this buying selling business for a long time and has owned the trust of many buyers and sellers.

Riverside Direct Auto has its own approving systems which see that the listed car is fairly priced. It also has its finance staff to help the buyers in making the required amount for the purchase.

Things that make Riverside Direct Auto a dealer to look for.


Riverside Direct Auto has made it simple for its clients as it operates through the website and also has an office space to carry out their business. A client can either visit the office space or go through the website and choose from the listed cars for purchase.


Riverside Direct Auto offers finance facilities for their buyers to make car buying easier. It has various finance plans suitable for every income level group. Their clients get pre-approved within a few minutes due to the high-quality finance team.

Managing Team

Riverside Direct Auto is managed by Jamie Shelton and Elliot Barber. They keep in touch with every market activity so that they can offer the best cars and quality service to their clients.

Brand Index

It’s brand index comprises of high rated cars which have big names in the market such as Audi, BMW, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep and Land lover. Every car listed from above brand index has a feeling of being new.

Quality check

Riverside Direct Auto researches about the lender and his car before listing it for sales. It uses various methods to check the quality and market price of the used car so the buyer gets the car at a fair price.

Riverside Direct Auto is suitable for both buyers as well as sellers, the seller gets the correct price for his car and the buyer gets the car for the correct price so that states that Riverside is beneficial for both the parties. Riverside has its official website  where various cars are listed for sale. It also makes the sellers easy to know the value for their car just by entering the model name and year. Riverside Direct Auto works continuously for its mission of being the best dealer for used cars Riverside.

By Kate