scrap a car

Yes, you had the best days driving through the city roads and countryside, exploring the world, but when the time when you have to big a big call with regards to the old junk which is getting ugly glares from your neighbours. So, scrapping the car crossing your mind? Yeah!

Scrapping in the automobile industry is not just the right way to convert junk into cash, but also as a responsible citizen is good for the environment we breathe in.

You are required to look into several things in order to ensure that the scrap a car thing goes smoothly with the minimum of hassles.

The Title Must Be Clear

The first most crucial thing reaching out to a local car scrapping company to provide you with a quick quote for your junk is to ensure that the car is in your name. If not, then you first have to get the documents of the car transferred to your name, While, for most, this isn’t a big problem, but still can prove to be a big headache for some car owners.

In a scenario when you don’t have the legal ownership of the vehicle, then car scrapping company won’t take the risk of buying your vehicle. You can provide a document, even a government receipt in the name can do the job.

Empty the Petrol Tank

scrap a car

Before you hand over the keys of your car to the scrapyard, you got to make sure that the petrol tank is empty, otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your precious money. So, ascertain that no petrol is left in the tank.

If your car is still in an operational condition, then it is a no-brainer to give your vehicle a farewell by taking a ride with your kids. On the other hand, if your car is complete junk, even then you don’t have to break a sweat as the scrapyard centre have a de-pollution region, where the petrol tank will be empty.

One thing you got to mull over that the car scrapping money will themselves remove every droplet of petrol which is there in the petrol tank. This way you will end up saving your money and their time.

See For the Belongings

Days after the car has been turned into raw auto parts, the owner-run back to the scrapyard for their belonging, this is quite common. So, before exchanging the keys hand with money, grab all the personal belongings that may be left in the vehicle.

Besides that, if your vehicle is fitted with a music system, then it is best to uninstall it before you hand over your vehicle to the scrapping company

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By Kate