Oil pressure gauge is the most important instrument in a car. It helps to monitor the oil pressure and well being of the engine. It ensures that the engine does not get too hot and runs smoothly. It acts as a warning system to know before there is a major breakdown. It is located on the screen in front along with other gauges and likely to have an oil sign next to it.

The gauge has a reading from 0-100. Recommended reading is between 20 – 60 PSI. If the value falls from what is recommended then it shows that either the car is over heated or has less oil than what is required. And if the value increases from what is recommended then either the engine is cooling down or there is some other serious problem. To increase the longtivity of your engine, there should be regular checkups of oil change. Usually the modern cars have oil pressure gauge already fitted. In case it’s not, then there are tips and types of oil pressure gauge to choose from.

Types of Oil pressure gauges :-

  • Mechanical Gauge – It is a traditional way of finding the oil pressure. Instead of wires, a black pipe is used. It comes in two standard lengths which is 1.5 meters and 3 meters respectively. Usually this type of gauge is used in racing cars as it is best and easy to monitor oil pressure. This type of gauge requires more attention and maintenance.

  • Electric Gauge :- This type of gauge is usually seen in modern cars. It is one of the new technologies. This gauge is connected with wires and is operated by the supply of current. It gives accurate reading as the supply of the current passes through. It has to be monitored regularly for maintenance.

Tips to buy the best oil pressure gauge :-

  • Installation : The oil pressure gauge comes in different sizes according to the car. Before installation the right place should be chosen and fitted with the help of a mechanic.
  • Maintenance : Its best to buy an high quality oil gauge so that the maintenance is less.
  • Accuracy : It is the main feature. If the accuracy is not correct, it can hamper your car’s engine.

               Recommended oil pressure gauges :-  They all have their pros and   cons.  Some of the common ones are : –

  • Hot system oil pressure gauge which is the digital version and give s accurate readings.
  • Bosch SP0F000052 Style Line 2″ Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge is a traditional gauge. It fits in the car accurately and because of its black back ground the measurement is clear but it’s usually too big than the other gauges.
  • GlowShift Tinted 7 Colour Oil Pressure Gauges: The background colour is black and the display features comes in seven colours. The gauge is small and can also be installed in the dashboard of the car. But the price is too high.

These are the few best oil pressure gauges in the market to choose from.


By Kate