When you finally get your hands on a vintage motorcycle, it is natural for you to feel pumped as you take a seat on its saddle and rev the engine for twice or thrice. Well, are you also ready for the responsibilities that come with owning a classic bike? Maintaining a motorcycle comes with the package but that increases by many folds when you finally decide to own a classic motorcycle. Professional bike spare parts dealers are of the opinion that to make sure the old stallion is with you through your life, it is best that you have all the necessary knowledge about owning a vintage motorcycle.

With that information in mind, pay attention to the following classic motorcycle maintenance guide for best results:

It is never a bad idea to go for original spare parts

There are many vintage motorcycle brands that still produce spare parts for their classic models. If you own one, it is best that you get your hands on them from authorized classic bike spare parts dealers for best results. It is best that you avoid aftermarket spare parts altogether as they don’t guarantee optimal performance in the long run.

Be sure that you are keeping tabs on your bike’s ignition system

Your motorcycle needs electricity from its battery to work properly. All the cables coming out and running through your motorcycle, i.e. your bike’s ignition system needs to be in its prime condition. On top of that, be sure to regularly check your bike’s spark plugs and battery to keep mid-journey mishaps at bay!

It is recommended to periodically wash your motorcycle’s engine

Since you own a vintage motorcycle, it is clear that metallic parts on your crotch-rocket are bound to catch some rust now and then. Your bike’s engine is one of those metallic parts. Be sure to keep it clean as you don’t want your motorcycle’s cylinder chamber to catch some rust now right?

Clean your bike’s air filter regularly

The air filter on your classic motorcycle needs to be cleaned after every eight thousand miles (or ten thousand kilometres). Motorcycles need air to burn the fuel inside their engines. Air sucked in through the inlet of your bike has a lot of dust which can take the form of sludge or grime and hinder the performance of your vintage bike. Air filters keep the unnecessary particles out of your bike’s system and help you to keep your bike running smoothly for thousands of miles. To make sure that your motorcycle’s air filter is performing as it should, be sure to clean it periodically. On top of that, if you find that the air filter has signs of wear and tear, immediately replace the same for the best results.

Summing it up with another tip – no matter what, every vehicle needs its transmission to be taken care of. In this case, the chain and rear sprocket of your motorcycle is the only thing that transfers the power from your bike’s heart to the rear wheels. Be sure that you are regularly cleaning and frequently lubricating your classic bike chain. It is best that you make sure that you are also replacing your vintage bike chain system after every thirty thousand kilometres or 18,000 miles for best results.

By Kate